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Select your form from the drop down box below. Deliver your form and documentation where indicated to the office at 5690 W. Pine Ridge Blvd. Beverly Hills, FL 34465 If you have any questions please call 352-746-0899.



* Indicates newly adopted procedures below

*Per FL Statute 720 the estoppel form can be found in the drop down box below. The fee for an estoppel is $75.00 and is waived if you are doing a refinance or a construction loan.  Please forward the document or any document that is in need of completion to 352-746-0875 or by email to Thank you.....

The Board of Directors adopted changes to the Records Inspection Policy and Form.

*Tenant background check and fee of $60 dollars per adult tenant can be processed through the Pine Ridge office; contact us for the background check form. The tenant application form and policy can be found by clicking on the arrow on the drop down box below.

Equestrian Emergency Procedures, Trail Map, Arena Map and Footing Procedure adopted by the Board in December 2016, can be found by clicking on the arrow on the drop down box below.

ADC Applications please submit one application for each respective improvement with the exception of a new home build with pool and accessory structure or repaint and reroof they can be on the appropriate form together. Thank you....

Any questions contact the office at 352-746-0899 or write to


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